-) What does your studio specialize ?
Ans : We specialize in photographing family and children portrait, and then we will do full photo retouch to make sure everything looks perfect, then create wall canvas / print portrait for your home .

-) What products do most of the customers purchase ?
Ans : The most popular products are the matted prints, wall canvases, wall collages, framed portraits . We do have great collection of packages that include prints/wall canvas and digital files.

-) How long is the photo session in the studio and how many outfits can we use ?
Ans : Around 1 hour – 1.5 hour and you can use maximum 3 outfits .

-) Do you offer both outdoor and in-studio photography sessions ?
Ans : Yes, while most of our customers have their portrait taken at our studio in Burlingame, we can also arrange outdoor / on-location photography sessions.

-) Do most of your customers purchase wall canvas ? or digital files ?
Ans : We specialize in wall canvas / framed portrait , corresponding digital file actually comes with the purchase of all the wall portrait products. You also have the option of purchasing just the digital files, but that’s just not what most of the customers come here for.

-) We like the wall canvas collage , but I cannot visualize the final result, can you help ?
Ans : Certainly ! We have simulation software here and we can arrange your images to different wall collage configurations, so that you know what they are going to look like before placing order. We can also do a complimentary consultation at your home to help you decide what wall portrait you want.

-) Is there a travel fee for outdoor on-location or at client’s home ?
Ans : Session fee / travel fee will apply to all outdoor / on location sessions, depends on distance.

-) After the photoshoot, when can we see the photos ?
Ans : If schedule is not too tight, the photos from the in-studio photoshoot will be available to view right after the session. For any on location photoshoots, clients can view the photos at our studio within 7 days.

-) We don’t want to go outdoor, can you come to our house ?
Ans : Of course, we frequently travel to client’s home to photograph their portrait. We can also advice what wall portrait size is suitable for your rooms. Travel fee will apply.

-) We don’t know what we want, can we schedule time to visit your studio to discuss about our upcoming photo session ?
Ans : Please feel free to arrange with me, I am happy to show you all the wall portrait samples here and answer all of your questions. We will customize portrait that suit your need.

-) Do you do individual portrait ?
Ans : Yes, we do. We do personal branding portrait / headshots for corporate, social media / linkedIn. Some packages also include makeup and hair styling service.

-) Can we include our pets in the family / children photo session ?
Ans : Of course, I love pets, please feel free to bring them.

-) Can we view photos online instead of coming to your studio ?

Ans : We conduct all photo viewing appointments at our studio in Burlingame. Very occasionally, we provide the online option for out of town customers.

12) We have some digital files photographed by someone else, can you make wall canvas / wall portrait for customers ?

Ans : Yes, we can. We can help retouch customers’ images and create wall canvas / wall portrait for customers.

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